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Getting to know new people is a major part of our club’s magic – our members make everyone welcome. We assume members will play each week unless otherwise informed. Our Drawmaster puts together a weekly draw sheet that groups you with different Coyotes members each week. Members are responsible for entering their scores with Golf Canada and maintaining a current official handicap. Our Scoremaster tracks all the scores and reports the results and game stats weekly…. 

New Members
Applications for membership will be accepted from early January to the end of March. We target around 130 players, with returning members offered renewal priority. Use our Membership Form (right side) to submit your information. Wait list ranking is determined by payment date.

Annual Fee $125
At present, our annual fee is $125. This pays for Golf Canada membership and a barbeque held after our mid-season Scramble, plus all performance prize monies (180 weekly prizes and over 250 All fees for new and returning members must be paid on or before April 1st. event prizes). Note that members are responsible for payment of their own green fees, which are payable directly to Riverside Golf Course before each game. 

80/20 “Bingo Ball” Option
Rather than 50/50, we offer a season long 80/20 – payout is 80% of monies collected. Members have an option of purchasing one or two “bingo balls”, with payment required to be made on or before the first official draw. Four balls are pulled from the drum each week, with no limit to the number of wins per season, and it is not necessary to have played on the day to win! 

Application & Payment
Submit your interest, or if our membership is open, apply online using our Membership Form (right side). Returning members fees are due on or before March 1st each year, at which time new members will be accepted based on their payment date. Payment is to be made by eTransfer to before the closing date at end of March of each season. Alternatively, you may send an email to our Treasurer at to make other arrangements. Our club Operating Principles can be found here and our Waiver can be found here.

A/B/C Handicap Brackets
Based on Golf Canada indices, three equal-sized handicap brackets (A/B/C) are used to create balanced opportunities for players. At the beginning of the season, players without an official Golf Canada handicap* are provided with a provisional “Coyotes handicap” and will be assigned to a suitable bracket. Note that players without a current Golf Canada handicap are not eligible for net-score winnings.
*It only takes 3 x 18-hole rounds to establish a Golf Canada Handicap.

The Coyote Creed

Each member is expected to adhere to the following:

Play By the Rules – I will abide by the rules of Golf and local rules and will encourage each member of my foursome to do so as well. I will clearly report my score at the completion of EACH hole.

Show Up – I will show up to play before the appointed time and play with the designated foursome. If required to cancel, I will provide advanced notice so adjustments can be made.

Keep Up – I will keep up with the foursome ahead and help maintain a good pace-of-play each round.

Record Weekly Score – I will record my Wednesday scores with Golf Canada within 72 hours of finishing my round.

Play Often – I will play at least 10 club games per season.

2024 Membership is Full


Riverside Coyotes
Senior Men’s Golf Club
8630 Rowland Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 2T6