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Regular Draws
The club’s regular games follow a Stroke Play format (same as used on the PGA Tour), where every shot is counted (no gimmes or mulligans). The designated recorder enters the hole-by-hole scores which are tallied and initialled at the end of the round. The scorecards are turned in to the club Pro Shop where they are collected by the Scoremaster at the end of the day’s play. Skill prizes are awarded for closest to pin, longest drive, etc.

Memorial Tournament
(Don Leverington Trophy)
This one-day tournament calls to mind Coyotes no longer with us. This Stableford-format event awards prizes to 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers, with first and second place winners names recorded on the Don Leverington trophy – one of our pioneer golfers.

Shotgun Scramble & BBQ (included in fees)
A shotgun-start scramble is held in June. This is our best attended event of the season and is great fun! We follow a modified Texas scramble format where each team member hits his own ball off the tee and the best shot is chosen and marked (minimum of 3 tee shots each for foursomes; 4 tee shots each for threesomes). For tee shots only, the player whose tee shot was chosen does not play the second shot. The remaining team members hit their next shot from this point. Once on the green, each player takes 1 putt, the 2nd putt is conceded. Recorder enters one score per hole.
After the scramble we get together on the terrace for beers and burgers, trophies and tales!

Riverside/Victoria Swap
Members from Victoria Senior Men’s and Riverside Coyotes trade venues for the day and try out each others courses. Each club organizes sign-up sheets for those wanting to participate in the swap. No prizes are awarded on swap day.

Club Championship (Ken Darlington trophy)
Our club championship is played over two weeks, with scores from both days totaled. The Ken Darlington trophy honors a legend, who scored less than his age over 300 times. Trophies awarded for Low Gross and runner-up and Low Net and runner-up. Players finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each handicap bracket over the two days also receive prizes. Skill prizes are awarded both days.

RivEx Cup
The season-long race for the RivEx Cup culminates in early September. This tournament is based on the season-long PGA FedEx Cup format. RivEx points are awarded each week (excluding scramble) to players in their respective handicap brackets according to their performance that week. RivEx points are posted each week and accumulated. RivEx point leaders in each handicap bracket receive starting handicap advantages for the two-day RivEx Cup. Top 10 in each handiap bracket receive prize money. Skill prizes are awarded both days.

Annual Awards Luncheon
Riverside Coyotes holds its annual lunch on the last Thursday of September each year. We wrap-up our season, hand out prizes won over the season, and enjoy food and fellowship with members and guests.


Riverside Coyotes
Senior Men’s Golf Club
8630 Rowland Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 2T6