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Our club holds consecutive weekly draw events. In addition to the regular draws, we have a number of special draws, as well as social events and our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Each member is required to establish and maintain a current, official Golf Canada Handicap. 

Golf Canada Handicap
Score cards are initialed confirming the score submitted. These score card results are recorded and ranked in each of three handicap brackets. RivEx points are calculated and awarded. Cash prizes are accumulated for award at the end of the season.

Tee Times
Each week 80+ members play – which takes about 3 hours to tee off.  You will be asked to indicate your tee time preference – either first half starting at 7:30/8am or the second half starting after 9/9:30am.  This will create two roughly equal sized groups and simplify draw preparation. The Drawmaster will incorporate any specific work or health situations.

Advanced Booking
The Club operates on the assumption that you will be playing UNLESS you let the Drawmaster know you won’t be playing specific dates. You will be asked to indicate your best guess of dates you WILL NOT be playing – no response means you’ll be there.

Draw Event Dates

May – 8am Start w/ Possibility of Front Delay
May 4th First Official Draw
May 11th
May 18th
May 25th New Member Mixer

June – 7:30am Start
June 1st Chip & Putt Clinic TBA
June 8th
June 15th
June 22nd Shotgun Scramble & BBQ Social
June 29th Leverington Tournament – Qualifying

July – 7:30am Start
July 6th Leverington Tournament – Playoff
July 13th Victoria Swap #1
July 20th
July 27th

August- 7:30am Start
August 3rd Victoria Swap #2
August 10th Club Championship – Round 1
August 17th Club Championship – Round 2
August 24th Member/Guest
August 31st Stableford

September – 8am Start w/ Possibility of Front Delay
Sep. 7th RivEx Cup – Round 1
Sep. 14th RivEx Cup – Round 2
Sep. 21st Scramble – Fun with friends
Sep. 27th Wind-up Luncheon/AGM

Special Draw Event Descriptions

Scramble Format
Each team member hits his own tee shot – the best tee shot is chosen and marked (Minimum of 3 tee shots each for foursomes; 4 tee shots each for threesomes). For tee shots ONLY, the player whose tee shot was chosen does not play the second shot. The remaining team members hit their next shot from this point. Once on the green, each player takes 1 putt – 2nd putt is conceded. Recorder enters one score per hole. 

Don Leverington Tournament
This tournament honors a long-time member. The two players representing the best low and high handicap scores play off the following week to determine the best overall golfer – the lowest net score wins the trophy. Skill prizes are also awarded.

Club Championship
Honors Ken Darlington, who scored less than his age over 300 times. It is played over two weeks, with scores from both days totaled. Trophies awarded for Low Gross and runner-up and Low Net and runner-up. Players finishing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in each handicap bracket over the two days also receive prizes. Skill prizes are awarded both days.

RivEx Cup
The season-long race for the RivEx Cup culminates on September 1st and 8th. This tournament is based on the season-long PGA FedEx format. The results of every draw (excluding scrambles) awards members RivEx points in their respective handicap brackets according to their performance that week. RivEx points are posted each week and accumulated. Every member who plays in the RivEx cup receives prize money, as well, skill prizes are awarded both days. RivEx point leaders in each handicap group receive starting handicap advantages for the two-day RivEx cup.

Victoria Swap
Last year, a few members of Victoria and Riverside Senior traded venues for the day – it was well received. This year, we have scheduled two dates for this swap. Each club will organize sign-up sheets for those interested in the swap.


Riverside Coyotes
Senior Men’s Golf Club
8630 Rowland Rd NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 2T6